MIX 3.1 Demonstration Package

The MIX 3.1 Demonstration Package includes a copy of the User's Guide and a disk with the demonstration version of MIX 3.1. To order, send a cheque or money order for US $18 or Cdn $18 to Ichthus Data Systems at the address below. Specify either the DOS or Macintosh version. Payment may be in Canadian or US dollars, but US dollar cheques must be payable on a US bank.

The demonstration version of MIX 3.1 runs just like the real thing, but with one exception: you cannot enter or edit data. You can only run the demonstration examples that come with the program. See the Demonstration Examples pages for sample analyses of these data sets.

Macintosh users can download the MIX for Macintosh Demonstration Program (566K, binhex) and try it at no cost. A brief version of the User's Guide is included.

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