Census Variables - Group "a"

totpop Population, 1991 totmale Male, total mal00to04 0-4 years mal05to09 5-9 years mal10to14 10-14 years mal15 15 years mal16 16 years mal17 17 years mal18plus 18 years and over mal18to19 18-19 years mal20to24 20-24 years mal25to29 25-29 years mal30to34 30-34 years mal35to39 35-39 years mal40to44 40-44 years mal45to49 45-49 years mal50to54 50-54 years mal55to59 55-59 years mal60to64 60-64 years mal65to74 65-74 years mal75to84 75-84 years mal85plus 85 years and over totfem Female, total fem00to04 0-4 years fem05to09 5-9 years fem10to14 10-14 years fem15 15 years fem16 16 years fem17 17 years fem18plus 18 years and over fem18to19 18-19 years fem20to24 20-24 years fem25to29 25-29 years fem30to34 30-34 years fem35to39 35-39 years fem40to44 40-44 years fem45to49 45-49 years fem50to54 50-54 years fem55to59 55-59 years fem60to64 60-64 years fem65to74 65-74 years fem75to84 75-84 years fem85plus 85 years and over single15p Single (never married) persons 15 years of age and over married Legally married (and not separated) separated Legally married and separated widowed Widowed divorced Divorced mtsingres Mother tongue, single responses mtenglish English mtfrench French mtnonoff Non-official languages mtitalian Italian mtchinese Chinese mtgerman German mtportuge Portuguese mtpolish Polish mtukrain Ukrainian mtspanish Spanish mtdutch Dutch mtgreek Greek mtpunjabi Punjabi mtarabic Arabic mttagalog Tagalog (Pilipino) mthungar Hungarian mtcree Cree mtvietnam Vietnamese mtrussian Russian mtfinnish Finnish mtinuktit Inuktitut mtmontagn Montagnais - Naskapi mtathapas Athapaskan languages, n.i.e. mtbulgari Bulgarian mtsslave South Slave mtchipewy Chipewyan mtdogrib Dogrib mtkutchin Kutchin - Gwich'in (Loucheux) mtother Other languages mtmultlin Mother tongue, multiple responses mtengfren English and French mtnengnon English and non-official language(s) mtfrennon French and non-official language(s) mtenfreno English, French and non-official language(s) mtmunon Non-offical languages totdwell Total number of occupied private dwellings owndwell Owned rentdwell Rented banddwell Band housing (3) singldwel Single-detached house semiddwel Semi-detached house rowdwell Row house dupldwell Apartment, detached duplex ap5pdwell Apartment building, five or more storeys ap5mdwell Apartment building, less than five storeys otsidwell Other single attached house movedwell Movable dwelling (4) tothhld Total number of private households hh1person Size of household, 1 person hh2person Size of household, 2 persons hh3person Size of household, 3 persons hh45pers Size of household, 4 or 5 persons hh6ppers Size of household, 6 or more persons hhnonfam Non-family household hh1family 1 census family household hh2fam 2 or more census family households hhpersons Number of persons in private households avperdwel Average number of persons per household totcenfam Total number of census families in private households cfam2pers Size of census family, 2 persons cfam3pers Size of census family, 3 persons cfam4pers Size of census family, 4 persons cfam5per Size of census family, 5 or more persons cfhuswife Total husband-wife families (5) cftotmar Total families of now-married couples cfnochmar Total without sons and daughters at home cfwchmar Total with sons and daughters at home cf1chmar 1 son or daughter cf2chmar 2 sons and/or daughters cf3chmar 3 or more sons and/or daughters cftotcom Total families of common-law couples cfnochcom Total without sons and daughters at home cfwchcom Total with sons and daughters at home cf1chcom 1 son or daughter cf2chcom 2 sons and/or daughters cf3chcom 3 or more sons and/or daughters cflonepar Total lone-parent families cfmalpar Male parent mp1child 1 son or daughter mp2child 2 sons and/or daughters mp3child 3 or more sons and/or daughters cffempar Female parent fp1child 1 son or daughter fp2child 2 sons and/or daughters fp3child 3 or more sons and/or daughters totchild Total number never-married sons/daughters at home child0to5 Under 6 years of age child614 6-14 years child1517 15-17 years child1824 18-24 years child25pl 25 years and over avchildfa Average number sons/daughters at home per family (6) tperpri Total number of persons in private households nfamprs Number of non-family persons nfamrel Living with relatives nfamnon Living with non-relatives only nfamalo Living alone famprs Number of family persons avpersfam Average number of persons per census family tperpri65 Total number of persons 65 years and over nfamprs65 Number of non-family persons 65 years and over nfamrel65 Living with relatives nfamnon65 Living with non-relatives only nfamalo65 Living alone famprs65 Number of family persons 65 years and over teconfam Total number of economic families in private households econ2pers Size of economic family, 2 persons econ3pers Size of economic family, 3 persons econ4pers Size of economic family, 4 persons econ5pers Size of economic family, 5 or more persons teconpers Total number persons in economic families aveconper Average number of persons per economic family totunatch Total number of unattached individuals