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This seminar is organized by the Graduate Program in Statistics through the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at McMaster University. Every person interested in the seminar talks, from inside or outside the McMaster community, is welcome to attend. We cover a wide range of topics ranging from very applied problems to the most current theoretical developments in the discipline.

Below you will find the list of speakers and the topics or titles of their talks, and a list of past seminars. There are links to pages with the abstract, information about the speaker, and a list of references for each week.

Any suggestions are welcome. Just send e-mail to the Seminar Coordinator.

You can find out about other seminar series in Southern Ontario at the SORA web site and the list of upcoming seminars there.

Speakers for 1999-2000

Wednesdays, BSB-108 at 3:30 PM

Meet the Speaker - Refreshments in BSB-202 at 3:00 PM!

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Past Seminars

Statistics Seminars 1997-98

Statistics Seminars 1998-99

September 1999

September 16
KeshavLal Rathi
Project Defense - M.Sc. in Statistics

"Environment regulations, their elements, objectives and the associated statistical issues"

Thursday September 16, 13:30, in BSB-101

September 22
Dr George Wesolowsky
Management Science, Faculty of Business, McMaster University

"Detecting excessive similarity in answers on multiple choice exams"

October 1999

October 22

Dr H.A. David
Department of Statistics, Iowa State University

"A one-credit course on the history of statistics"

Friday October 22, 1999, at 14:30 in BSB-101

October 27
Dr N. Balakrishnan
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University

"Measuring information when Fisher's fails"

November 1999

November 3
Dr Michael Evans
Department of Statistics, University of Toronto

"Bayesian inference and the concept of surprise"

November 10
Dr Brajendra Sutradhar
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland

"Analyzing longitudinally and structurally correlated data in Generalized Linear Model set-up"

November 17
Dr Duncan Murdoch
Department of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences, The University of Western Ontario

"Perfect sampling: not just for Markov chains?"

November 24
Dr Markos Koutras
Section of Statistics and O.R., Department of Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece.

"A bound for the distribution of the sum of discrete associated or NA random variables"

November 26
Dr Stefan Steiner
Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo

"Introduction to data mining"

Friday November 26, 1999, at 14:30 in BSB-108

December 1999

December 16
Julie Anne Philip
Project Defense - M.Sc. in Statistics

"An Evaluation of Sampling Designs for Waterfowl Monitoring in Forested Regions"

Thursday December 16, 11:00, in BSB-101

December 20
Sueheir Saddik
Project Defense - M.Sc. in Statistics

"Type II Progressively Right Censored Samples From A Normal Distribution"

Monday December 20, 10:00, in BSB-101

December 21
Frank Cihon
Project Defense - M.Sc. in Statistics

"Meta-Analysis: The Effect Of The Drug Fosamax On Bone Mineral Density In Multi-Dose And Multi-Year Osteoporosis Clinical Studies"

Tuesday December 21, 10:00, in BSB-101

January 2000

January 11
Kelley Haynes
Project Defense - M.Sc. in Statistics

"Integrity of the Randomization Process"

Tuesday January 11, 9:00, in BSB-101

January 11
J. Cai
University of Waterloo

"Distributional Properties of Some Random Sums Arising in Insurance Risk Analysis"

Tuesday January 11, 15:30, in BSB-B103

January 13
Y. Yi
University of Toronto

"On the Structure of Asymptotic Distributions"

Thursday January 13, 15:30, in GSB-101

January 18
Hao Wang
Algorithmics, Inc

"A Scenario Generation Model"

Tuesday January 18, 15:30, in BSB-B103

January 19
Dr John Walker
INNOVUS and Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University

"A computer-based predictive model of Multiple Sclerosis progression in relapsing patients"

January 26
Dr Maung Min-Oo
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University

"Geometry of multivariate normal distributions"

February 2000

February 9
Dr Aaron Childs
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University

"Order Statistics from I.NI.D. Random Variables with Applications to Robustness"

February 16
Dr Abdel El-Shaarawi
National Water Research Institute and Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University

"Accounting for overdispersion in the analysis of count data"

March 2000

March 1
Mr Peter Kupchak
Department of Statistics, University of Toronto

"Optimal design theory for non-linear dose-response models"

March 8
Dr Judy-Anne Chapman
Henrietta Banting Breast Centre, Women's College Hospital, University of Toronto

"Behind the scenes of breast cancer research"

March 15
Movie Day
Tape provided by Dr J. Terry Smith, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, Queen's University

"Statistical Consulting"

The videotape is a complete record of a session Dr Smith organized at the 1987 ASA meeting in San Francisco. It includes a roleplayed consultation with subsequent coaching by Dan Boroto. His analysis is very useful for trainee consultants, indeed for all consultants.

March 22
Movie Day
From the collection of tapes of the American Statistical Association

"A Conversation with Dr. J. Stuart Hunter"

J. Stuart Hunter is well known as an educator and industrial statistician. This "conversation" was recorded in 1996. (63 minutes)

May 2000

May 24
Mei Moi (Emily) Lee
Project Defense - M.Sc. in Statistics

"Capture-mark-recapture literature searching"

Wednesday May 24, 9:00, in BSB-101

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